Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why Am I Surprised?

Picture this:

A 5 year old child has a beloved bicycle, and the front tire goes flat.  He can't fix it on his own-he doesn't know how.  So he calls on Daddy, and Daddy fixes it in a flash.

The furnace in the house breaks, and it is the middle of winter.  The Father jumps right on it and the heat is back on in a few hours.

How do you think the child feels about the bike and furnace both being fixed by his dad?  

I believe most children look at their fathers as if they can fix anything!  The bike was something special to the boy, although not a need, and Daddy fixed it.  The furnace being fixed was a need, and Daddy came thru again.

I don't believe that the child was surprised, do you?  I think his/her full confidence is in the man he/she loves more than any other man in the world.

Can you imagine how the father would have felt if his little one would have said, "Wow!!!  I can't believe it!  I didn't think you could do it!  That's amazing!  I'm so shocked!  This is unbelievable!  I'm just amazed!  I didn't know you had it in you!  I am so surprised!  Wow-you're greater than I thought!  I mean, I knew you might be able to, but probably wouldn't, but this is too much! 

If my children acted like that when I did something I'm fully capable of, I think I'd be a bit offended that they had no confidence in me.

I would much rather hear, "Wow, Mom!  This is great!  I knew you could help me!  I know you've helped me so many times before.  I didn't doubt for a moment!"

My question is, why are we so surprised when God does the miraculous, or answers specific prayers we've given to Him?  

I do my best to have a thankful spirit, and I thank Him for the things He's done for me over the  years, so I don't mean that we should be ungrateful and expecting everything like a spoiled child.

But I would much rather go to God and let Him know that I know He can take care of my needs!  Sure, all of us fight with doubts when we can't see what is going to happen, but for several months, I've been changing my thinking to "I know You're the Healer", or "I know You can answer this prayer for me."  

I think that God wants me to feel this way, and I'm working regularly on increasing my faith, and believing in great things!