Friday, January 30, 2009

Jesus Picks Up Pennies

I am borrowing my title and basic thought from a message I heard preached several years ago.

In this world we live in, a penny isn't worth much.  You can't really buy anything with a penny anymore--is there still such a thing as penny candy?

When people are busy hustling and bustling about to and fro, walking down the busy streets, sometimes they will see a penny laying on the ground.  Since  a penny isn't worth much, they'll often just leave it lay.  Certainly, no one would run out in front of a car on a busy highway to pick up a penny!  And look at so many pennies!  You see the wear and tear on them-stained, faded, dull, and almost useless.

As much as I feel blessed, and feel that I have a good life, reality is that we do live in a harsh world, where people face incredible hardships, and their lives become "stained, faded, dull, and sometimes almost useless".  Drug and alcohol addictions, fears, depression, and other things can cause a person to become incapacitated, powerless to change.

But do you know what the good news is??  Jesus picks up pennies!!!  He doesn't just pick them up, He shines them up, removes the stains, and makes them worth something!  

And do you know what else is amazing?  Jesus did more than the equivalent of running out in front of a car on a busy street to pick up a penny!  He gave His life on a cross for all of us pennies!!!

The ways of Jesus are mind-boggling...

The King of Kings wants to pick up every penny!

He who owns it all wants to take those of us whose lives were nothing, and give us all!

He who is so holy and cannot sin loves sinners!

He who owes me nothing wants to give me everything!

Isn't He amazing?  I'm so glad that Jesus picks up pennies!