Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jesus, I love you

It's the start of a new year, which is usually a time of expectation for me.  I enjoy starting the new year with some goals in mind, and usually abandon them when reality sets back in, and I come back to my senses!  

What was I thinking?!  Of course I'm not going to read a book a week!  I'm a mother and wife!  I work!  I procrastinate(shh!! don't tell anyone!)! 

No, I'm not going to crash diet, exercise two hours a day, and be a new, 20 pound lighter woman with new, smaller wardrobe by Valentine's day!  Give the size 8 clothes away-it just ain't happening!

I may know deep in my heart that I can't look to my future with anticipation of having read half of the books at the local library.  I may not show enthusiasm over the 7 pounds I just knew I'd lose by Friday.  But there is one thing I can always look forward to...

There is a song by Norman Hutchins called Jesus I Love You.  A few of the words are:

Jesus I love you
Because you care
I couldn't imagine
If you weren't there....

I remember singing this song during worship several months ago, and I really thought about the meaning of the words.  Truly, I couldn't imagine if He weren't there!  

What an amazing God we serve!  The Creator of all the universes has taken an interest in this tiny being on Planet Earth!  He cares!

I couldn't imagine facing the death of my daddy without the Comforter.  
I didn't have to face my fears alone when I found out my son was partially deaf, and my daughter may have diabetes and need medical care for the rest of her life---all in the same day!
I didn't have to rely on doctors alone when my dear friend Angela nearly died after having her second child.
I don't have to rely on my own intelligence when I ask the Lord to comfort and give strength to my dear friends who lost their son in an accident 2 years ago.  

All the brilliance in the world cannot accomplish things like these.

I don't know what I would do with my warmed heart if I didn't have this great Creator to thank for his beautiful creation and creatures(read my blog A Chocolate Bouquet to see how I feel about my cat!).  I sometimes just have to remind God how awesome I think His creation is!  How wasteful it would be to stand in awe at beautiful things, and not have Someone to thank for them!

Jesus, I love you!  I really couldn't imagine if You weren't there!  

My silly little goals and ideas may never come to fruition in 2009, but one thing is certain that I can always count on-Jesus will ALWAYS be with me, and for this, I am ever so grateful.  



Faye said...

You have great insight